Corporate and Personal Tax Planning Service

We provide both personal and corporate tax services in the following areas; Tax Planning, Tax Compliance, Tax Advocacy, Tax Registration, Structuring and Restructuring of Domestic and International Operations, and VAT Planning and Compliance Advice. 

Our team of tax consultants combine their in-depth knowledge, skills and experience to provide a full range of taxation and related services to individuals and businesses.

For persons considering applying for St. Kitts-Nevis Citizenship by Investment we can advise you on the local personal and corporate tax laws and assist you in structuring your affairs in the most tax efficient manner. Some of the issues you may need to consider include whether there are benefits on incorporation of a company under local legislation to conduct your business affairs; whether withholding tax on rental and other income on investment will be applicable and any indirect taxes that may be relevant depending on your circumstances.  However, these are only some of the possible tax implications and as such investors should obtain specific advice on their particular situation. 

Fees for Tax services are based on the time expected to be incurred by our staff in reviewing and advising on the specific tax matter.